Recent Litters

Pose and Grand Oakes Need for Speed “Speed” puppies born June 13th, 2014. 5 boys and 1 girl, all black and white.

Pose Speed Speed Speed


Tabata and Yates litter born April 14 2017, 3 girls & 2 boys.

Cedar H.I.T., call name Tabata She is from our own Red Dog Kate to Cedar, a Smudge/Astra Tweed pup and Cedar’s New Sensation Jimmy. Tabata has made her flyball debut with a best time of 4.07 with a big pass.
Yates is Grand Oakes Mach 4 Move em’ Out and is rated the #3 border collie in AKC agility.These puppies will be high drive and looking for competition homes.

 Yates 3




Animal and Motion Puppies were born on June 14, 4 boys & 1 girl. 2 red-white tris & 3 red Merle’s who are all boys.



Pups born Oct 28th from Red Dog White Zinfindel, “Zin”, and Red Dog Little Rascal, “Topel”
Zin is the red merle and she is the height dog on the Motor City Mayham flyball team in Michigan. Her best time is a 4.0. Tolpel has just started his flyball career and ran 3.8’s and 3.9’s at his first official tournament. Puppies will be high drive and competitive. Colors will be b/w, r/w, blue merles and red merles with possibility of blue eyes.

Zin Zin 2 Zin 3  Topal Topal 2 

Boo 1  Casper 1  Drac 1  Elviria 1  Trick 1


New litter born on March 16, 2015.  Red Dog’s Making Waves “Splash” and Mach 2 Grand Oakes Move ‘Em Out “Yates” Yates is rated # 12 AKC’s Border Collies in Agility at the end of the year.  Splash is a champion dock diving and trick dog.

Yates Splash 2015 Splash 2015 Splash 2015 2 Splash 3 Splash 4 Yates 2015 Yates Yates 3 Yates 2

Ally Croc Diver Gator Splish