All of our dogs are our companions, partners in sports and our family and live in our home. As such, all puppies are raised inside our home. We perform ENS, Early Neurological Stimulation, on them the first 16 days of their life. From the time their eyes and ears open they have new stimulus placed in their pen every day. New toys, kitty condo’s, small agility tunnels and a crate for them to run in and out. We subject the puppies to all different sounds such as a vacuum cleaner, different kinds of music, engine sounds, planes flying over head and tapes of thunder storms. At 4 weeks old, weather permitting, we start taking them outside. At six weeks, we start teaching them to run to the door, through the enclosed porch, off the deck and into the yard to potty. Can’t guarantee potty trained, but a good start. We invite all kinds of friends, family, teammates, and children to come play with the puppies to get them socialized as much as possible. At 7 weeks old we take them for rides in the car to prepare them for their journey to their new home. Puppies are de-wormed 3x’s with first shots at 6 weeks.

Puppies are ready to go to new homes at 8 weeks old.

Motion and Awesome welcomed 6 beautiful red and white tri puppies on May 8th, 2019.




Red Dog’s Over the Rainbow “Skye” and Red Dog’s Best of the Best “Awesome” puppies born Feb 15th, 2019.  Puppies will be raised with the Puppy Culture protocol and will be very athletic and well rounded.





Red Dog’s Out of the Blue, “Teal” and Red Dog’s Thief of Hearts, “Bandit” puppies born March 1st, 2019.   Puppies will be raised with the Puppy Culture protocol and will be athletic, bidable and with an off switch.


We are repeating the Animal and Motion litter.  Puppies were born Feb. 10, 2018. All 5 are girls, 3 are red/white tris, other 2 are red tri Merle’s.






Tabata and Red Dog’s Thief of Hearts “Bandit” litter born March 2, 2018. One Red White boy and 4 Black White girls.

Cedar H.I.T., call name Tabata She is from our own Red Dog Kate to Cedar, a Smudge/Astra Tweed pup and Cedar’s New Sensation Jimmy.

Bandit has just started his flyball career and has only done a few tournaments but is putting is 4.0’s. His father, Red Dog’s Little Rascal “Topel”, is a 3.6 second flyball dog. Tabata has put in a few sub 4 runs and is a BoTyne Focus grand daughter. I expect red and white, black and white, and tris. Puppies will be very high drive.