Slammers are Region 1 Regular Champions for 2010 as well as Region 1 Multi Champion with Rodeo running 3rd position.

The Slammers A team put in their new best time of 15.70 on Aug. 31, 2008 at Ballistics River Run Tournament.

Slammers A team ran 15.90 at the at the U-Fli Championship Qualifier in Henry, IL in July. Slammers A best NAFA time is 16.16

Slammers A team ran 16.06 at the November U-Fli tournament. Lineup was Rodeo on start, half brother Bailey second, Cheech, a border staff third and Smack a border jack as anchor. Slammers A team is now among the top 5 fastest U-FLY teams!

Red Dog Flyball

Slammers Flyball Team competing at the ESPN Great Outdoor Games and at the Purina Dog Challenge in New Jersey. Liberty State Park, New Jersey, across from New York. June, 2001

 Red Dog Kennel Flyball SlammersChampion

National Multi-breed title for 2011 and Slammers also won Multi-breed Region 1 with Rodeo running 3rd. Rodeo has now retired.

BTeam AceCollage

Ace, a Baja/NRG pup running on Infurno flyball team in MA.

Animal Animal2

Animal ~ running anchor on the B Team at the U-Fli Nationals at Purina Farms

AnimalFlyball2 AnimalFlyball3

Animal ~ His new best time is 3.98 and is a joy to run

rdkfly14 rdkfly15

Rodeo ~ His best time so far has been 3.76 and his average is 3.85. Boogie ~ he has earned his Onyx title of 20,000 in July at Niagara Falls

Zen Dakota

Zen ~ a Smudge/Nick pup running on RFG and Motor City Mayhem here in Michigan.  Dakota ~ Zin’s sister, running flyball on Pawsitive Synergy in Alaska.

rdkfly20 Zinfindal400

Jenny and Zita are running on the Run Free flyball team.  Red Dog’s White Zinfindal Smudge/Nick puppy, watching the competition.

Rodeo400 PaintItBlack400

Rodeo backing up the green dogs.  Red Dog’s Paint it Black “Pose” on the box in her 3rd tournament.

Klone2 Race2

Klone a Rodeo/Baja puppy who debut this spring at just a year old at 4.1.  Race from the first Rodeo/Baja litter and is running 3.9’s on Synergetic Surge’s A team.

NicoleTripp2 CraigKristie2

Nicole and Tripp being instructed by Kristie Shultz in the Omaha flyball seminar sponsored by Omaha 4 Play. Craig and Kristie working with Zippy of Omaha 4 Play to increase her times off the box.

Zap Psych

Congratulations to Zap, a Rodeo/Smudge puppy, of Omaha 4 play for her best time of 3.90 just the second time on lights!  Psych, Animal/Ruckus baby in his first tournament putting in a 4.1 at Alaska Dogs Gone Wild Summer Solstice Tournament.

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