Boogie Bear USDAA Pairs Relay Pontiac Lake 2001. Boogie won the USDAA Grand Prix Qualifier at Pontiac Lake in May, 2002, and was invited to compete in the Nationals in Texas!

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Smudge doing the A-frame at the outdoor expo in Woodstock.  Her first public performance. Rodeo doing the dog walk at the outdoor expo in Woodstock.

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Baja doing the weaves and a tight wrap around a jump.

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Puppy Training Agility   Angus and Rodeo learning the teeter using a table. Baja learning the A frame and dog walk. Rodeo learning teeter and teeter contact.

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Working ducks     Betty & Smudge

rdkagi10 rdkagi7

Herding     Boogie at a Cappy Pruett herding seminar showing everybody that red dogs can do it all!  Smudge penning and Ruckus herding.

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Luke, Smudge & Boogie puppy, running agility at a AKC trial with his owner Paula Donnell. He is taking 1st and 2nd place every time he runs just like his daddy.

Luke2 Luke3 Luke1

Scarlett, from the first Rodeo/Ruckus litter practicing agility.

Scarlett2010 riojump2

Rio, a Smudge/Boogie pup.


Cedar H.I.T., call name “Tabata” on sheep for the first time.